Wicked Cool Contact Form

Fast Secure Contact Form – (Duration 8:25)

This contact form plugin has a ton of great features and we’ve added it to all of the new websites we are selling due to it’s ease of use and flexibility to create numerous lead forms on your website.  This is not near as good as having an auto responder set up like Aweber, (like we teach you in VMB), but if you’re just looking to get something up fast temporarily, this is fantastic!

New Social Sharing Plugin

Sociable Plugin – (Duration 5:03)

Not all features of this plugin will work on every theme perfectly but most themes it looks and works great!!  Feel free to experiment with other social sharing plugins as well and let everyone know on the forum if you found something else that works great for you!

Free Privacy Policy

We were recently turned on to a free privacy policy creation service.  If you want to stay in Google’s good graces, especially if you’re going to be doing PPC campaigns, you’ll want to have a contact page and a privacy page at the bottom of your website.  (Other pages are required if you’re selling products.)

To create your quick and easy free privacy policy for your website, go here:   Free Privacy Policy


Panda Update

As of this post (2/29/12) – Google has announced they are doing a new Panda update today.

There are 40 New changes to their search and as for Panda, they were not really specific and only said “Panda update. This launch refreshes data in the Panda system, making it more accurate and more sensitive to recent changes on the web.”

Just remember that Panda does not like low quality or “thin” sites – which was the big commotion when Panda was first introduced and why many websites landed in the google sandbox.

You can read about ALL the search changes here.

Google Panda Update