Choosing Dynamic Domains

  Another new update you’ll want to factor in when choosing your domain is your keywords.  We taught this in great detail in our course, but it’s become even more important with Google’s latest penguin update.  It appears, at first research that the following things are now true:

  •   Google gives you higher ranking in search engine results if you have a domain that “is” the keyword or “contains” the keyword.
  •   Google no longer seems to put as much weight on the type of domain you purchased (.com, .net, .org., .info, .biz., etc…)
  •   Google no longer seems to negatively impact domains with hyphens (users may still view them as spammy but it doesn’t seem to effect search engine rankings as much anymore which means users will grow more accustomed to this type of domain).

So…if you missed out on a major keyword in the past due to what was true about Google’s past algorithms, you may want to consider heading back and doing some fresh research to buy some more highly relevant keyword domains for your business.



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