Master Resources

Welcome to our Master Resource page.  We have created a master excel file that we will update periodically with all of the recommended resources we are providing you.

Many of the resource links we provide will be products or services that we use ourselves and that we’re an affiliate for.  What that means is, if you use these links to access these services, not only will we be compensated but if we have negotiated any discounts with this company, or if we are working on negotiating discounts, you will receive those as well.

Refer back to this page often throughout your course and we will continue to add more and more resources for you and update the date of the latest master file. Additionally, feel free use the comments section on this page to request links as well, and we’d be happy to refer you to the same services we use in our business.

Click here for the most up to date Master Resources Excel —->  VMB Master Resources 2012  <—-   (Updated 6/11/12 @ 11am CST)

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